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Python News: What’s New From November 2023

by Andres Pineda Dec 11, 2023 2 Comments

PyPI Completes First Security Audit

  • PyPI completed its first external security audit with the support of the Open Technology Fund (OTF).

  • The audit focused on searching for security vulnerabilities in the codebases that power and deploy PyPI, namely Warehouse and cabotage.

  • The auditors from Trail of Bits didn’t find any high-severity issues in the codebases, but did flag some weak signature verification, unintentional information leaks, and weak cryptographic hashes.

  • The PyPI team has taken steps to remediate the identified risks and make the repository safer.

  • For more information about the audit process and findings, you can read the blog post and the full report.

Python 3.13.0a2 Released

  • The second alpha version of Python 3.13 is now available for testing features and fixing bugs.

  • This release marks the completion of a deprecation schedule that started in Python 3.11, eliminating several modules that have been deprecated.

  • Some of the modules that have been eliminated in Python 3.13 include aifc, audioop, cgi, cgitb, crypt, pipes, telnetlib, and lib2to3.

  • Python 3.13 also includes improvements to modules like asyncio, datetime, and email.

  • Developers can explore the full list of changes in the Python 3.13 release notes.

Python Developers Survey Open for Responses

  • The annual Python Developers Survey is still open for responses.

  • The survey aims to gather feedback and insights from Python developers to better understand the preferences, challenges, and trends within the community.

  • Developers are encouraged to participate and contribute their opinions to shape the future of Python development.

  • The survey covers topics such as preferred Python versions, editor choices, frameworks, and more.

PyCon US Still Seeking Proposals

  • PyCon US is still open for proposals from speakers interested in sharing their knowledge and insights with the Python community.

  • Proposals can cover a wide range of topics, including best practices, case studies, tutorials, and more.

  • The PyCon US conference offers a valuable platform for Python enthusiasts to network and learn from industry experts.

  • Potential speakers can submit their proposals to be considered for the conference program.

  • For more information on how to submit a proposal, visit the PyCon US website.

Pydantic Version 2.5 Released

  • Pydantic, a popular library for data validation and parsing, has released version 2.5.

  • The latest version of Pydantic introduces several enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Some of the notable improvements include better error messages, improved support for generic types, and enhanced performance.

  • Developers using Pydantic can upgrade to version 2.5 to take advantage of these improvements.

  • For more details on the new features and bug fixes, refer to the Pydantic release notes.

PyScript Version 2023.11.1 Comes Out

  • PyScript, a tool for transpiling Python to JavaScript, has released version 2023.11.1.

  • The new version includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and updated language support.

  • PyScript enables developers to write Python code that can be executed in web browsers or as standalone JavaScript applications.

  • Developers interested in exploring PyScript can refer to the official documentation for installation and usage instructions.

What’s Next for Python?

  • With the completion of the Python 3.13 alpha release and the ongoing development and improvements in various libraries and tools, the Python community can look forward to continued growth and innovation in the coming months.

  • The Python Developers Survey and PyCon US provide opportunities for developers to actively shape the future of Python and contribute to the vibrant community.

  • As always, stay tuned for the latest Python news and updates to stay ahead in the world of Python programming.